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3D Historical Reconstructions: Home

This guide provides resources for those interested in historical digital reconstructions.

Subject Guide

Why digital reconstructions?

With the constant development of tools for visualization, digital historical reconstructions are becoming increasingly popular. From video games to scholarly publications, people are fascinated by the idea of being able to visualize and sometimes interact with an environment that has often changed or completely disappeared. These reconstructions also serve a variety of purposes:

  • Showing a specific moment in time
  • Demonstrating urban changes
  • Trying to interpret how people would have interacted with a certain spaces

Here you will find tools and other resources to guide you in becoming more familiar with this topic.This guide will focus on SketchUp, a popular tool used in digital reconstructions due to its low learning curve and free availability. Yet, it is important to note that many architects and engineers still prefer to use AutoCAD for their designs.