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DISASTERS: Tourism Guide: Disasters: The Ebola Virus

This guide provides links to websites, books, research articles, images, videos and more that focus on disasters in conjunction with public health, health care, health education and psychological and social work support and knowledge.

EBOLA GUIDE SITE MAP AND Search Results for Ebola Virus from Various Selected Databases and News Sources

Temple University Libraries Tips and Links

Temple University Tips and Links


EBOLA: Selected Scholarly and Research Articles

Ebola Virus. United States. Selected State Government Websites

Ebola Virus News Developments and Information Sources and Links

Ebola Fear and Media and Political Sensationalism, Disinformation and Tabloid Journalism

Research Guides by David Dillard

Disease Outbreak News from the World Health Organization


Global Alert and Response (GAR) from the World Health Organization (WHO)

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