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World Society in Literature & Film -- ARBC 0868: Find Articles

A collection of useful resources for students in Arabic language sections of World Society in Literature & Film.

Why Articles?

Sample article

Question: What value lies in articles?  Why, for example, would a researcher choose a journal article over a book?

Answer: Journal articles offer recent, in-depth research on a topic and tend to focus on more narrow topics compared to books. Another important fact is that journal articles are peer reviewed, meaning every article was evaluated by an anonymous panel of scholars for their merit before publication.

Why Google Scholar?

Question: Why would you use Google Scholar?

Answer: Google Scholar identifies scholarly research materials from a broad range of subject areas.

Google Scholar offers a "cited by" feature - it will display a list of documents which cited the document you originally retrieved. This can be useful in determing how influential a source has been.  The list only includes documents available in Google Scholar, though.

Look for the Find Full-Text @ TU link to access available full-text articles.  Or, go into the preferences of Google Scholar and select Temple University from Library Links.

Databases to Try

Looking for articles -- scholarly and academic ones -- about Arabic langauge culture, history, or politics?  Try the sources below.

Databases to try

Looking for newspaper/magazine articles from Arabic speaking countries or about a particular country?  Try the sources below.