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The School to Prison Pipeline : A Social Work Research Guide Series Resource List: Databases and Sources for Police Homicides, Police Corruption, Police Brutality and Police Misconduct

This guide provides Database Search Results, Book Citations and Links, Journal Article Citations and Links and Websites About this subject. Book and Journal Article links are usually to a Google Scholar search of the source title.

Police Homicides - Police Brutality - Police Misconduct - Police Corruption

Internal Site Map for Police Brutality Research Guide

GOOGLE SITES SITE MAP FOR The Police Homicides, Police Brutality Police Corruption and Police Misconduct Research Guide

Temple University Libraries Tips and Links

Temple University Tips and Links

Selected Databases with Sources about Police Brutality, Police Misconduct and Murders by the Police

Scholarly, Primary Source, and Research Publications Regarding Murders by the Police

Organizations and Associations Involved in Investigation and Exposure of Police Brutality, Police Corruption and Police Misconduct AND Sources Produced by Organizations

Webliographies Bibliographies AND Research Guides Regarding Police Brutality, Police Corruption, Police Homicides and Police Misconduct

Database Search Results for Police Homicides, Police Brutality and Police Misconduct

Database Search Results and Selected Source Citations Regarding Police Brutality

Selected News Reports Regarding Police Brutality

Police Misconduct and Police Corruption

Database Search Results for Homicides Murders and Killings by Police