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Mendeley at Temple: Free Premium Seats

Free Premium Seats

[Use this Upgrade LINKIt is valid for up to 500 Temple University users until the end of 2016.]  

Before you upgrade, register your Temple University email address on a Mendeley Web account if you have not already.  You can update your sign-in email address by going to My Account and Settings to update profile information on Mendeley Web.  An existing user can easily update their sign-in email address by going to My Account and update profile information on Mendeley Web.  A Mendeley Premium account includes the following benefits:

  • Increase in personal library size for each user, from 2 GB to 5 GB
  • Increase in group storage, from 100 MB to 20 GB
  • Increase in private group size, from 3 to 25 members
  • Increase in number of private groups, from one to unlimited

(If this offer does not extend past December 31, 2016, users would continue to have access to their accounts, references and groups -- but would not be able to add to them further -- beyond the limits of a free account. They guarantee that no references would be lost from anyone's account.)