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Fake News Research Guide: Media Literacy Sources

Coverage of journal articles, books and database search results for sources about fake news or faux news reports.

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Google Scholar Access by Link to Web of Science Article Citation Searches

Google Scholar Now Links to WEB OF SCIENCE
Citation Searches for many individual
found in Google Scholar search results for colleges
and institutions that
are subscribers to


This happens automatically on campus at Temple University. 
Off campus, to have
access to this feature, one CANNOT go
directly to Google Scholar and use it.
One must go to
Temple University Library's list of databases and select

Google Scholar from that list.  It will facilitate matters if on
the same internet
browser, one has already logged into a
Temple proprietary database already.
Once one has gone to
Google Scholar via the library database list,
WEB OF SCIENCE link should appear in Google Scholar
search results.


Three Examples of Web of Science Links
in Google Scholar search results


Concussions in hockey: There is cause for concern
D GOODMAN, M GAETZ… - Medicine and science in …,
2001 -

Purpose: The purpose of the study was to document various
aspects of concussion in
Canadian Amateur hockey including
demographics, causes, treatment, and prevention in
order to
guide future recommendations on how to reduce injury.
Methods: A detailed ...

Cited by 134 Related articles All 5 versions Web of Science: 66 Cite Save


Effect of mouthguards on dental injuries and concussions
in college basketball.
CR Labella, BW Smith, A Sigurdsson -

Medicine and science in …, 2002 -
PURPOSE: Dental injuries can be permanent and disfiguring.
They are also universally
expensive to treat. Many dentists,
sports physicians, and athletic trainers recommend
for athletes participating in certain competitive sports, including men's ...

Cited by 125 Related articles All 6 versions Web of Science: 65 Cite Save More


Concussions among United States high school and collegiate athletes
LM Gessel, SK Fields, CL Collins, RW Dick… - Journal of athletic …,
2007 -

Abstract Context: An estimated 300 000 sport-related traumatic brain
injuries, predominantly
concussions, occur annually in the United States.
Sports are second only to motor vehicle
crashes as the leading cause of
traumatic brain injury among people aged 15 to 24 years. ...

Cited by 259 Related articles All 10 versions Web of Science: 149 Cite Save More

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Bibliography of Books about Media Literacy in Elementary and Secondary Education and Schools (K-12)

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