Film and Media Arts

An introductory guide to research in film and media arts topics.

Search Tips

When you search these databases for articles, you can try several strategies.

  • Search for the title of a specific film.
  • Search for the name of a filmmaker or actor.
  • Search for a geographic region (e.g. "asia" or "united states" or "paris"), a film genre (e.g. "comedy" or "horror"), or a time period (e.g., "post-war" or "fifties" or "1940s").
  • Search for concepts related to how the film is made (e.g., "lighting," "music or soundtrack or score," etc.)
  • Search for concepts related to your topic.  For example, you might search for "immigrants or immigration or migrants or migration," or "women or gender," or "trauma or PTSD or war"
  • Search for different combinations of everything above!

Search these Best Bet Databases for Articles on Film and Media Arts Topics

These are your best-bet databases to use to search for articles on film and media studies topics.

Other Useful Disciplinary Databases

These databases provide results focused on the literature of a discipline, profession, or specialized area of study that my be related to or have interest in film and media arts.  Many different academic disciplines are likely to have produced articles on your topic.

News Sources and General, Multidisciplinary Databases

These databases are a good bet for searching across a wide variety of resources at once, and often include popular and news sources as well as scholarly articles.

Also, be sure to have a look at our extensive Newspapers guide.