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FMA 3773: Fundraising for Independent Media: Staying Alert

A guide to support students in FMA 3773: Fundraising for Independent Media

Using Twitter for Grant News

  1. Don't have a Twitter account yet?  Sign up.
  2. Search Twitter for relevant words like independent media grants, fundraising, opportunities, Philadelphia, etc.
  3. "Follow" any independent media or grantmakers tweets that seem relevant.  For example, @TT_IndieFilms or @indycine.  As you follow them, you'll start to notice others to follow.
  4. Use favorites and lists to organize the tweets you follow.
  5. Look for tips about following tweets using your rss feed reader.  This may depend on what reader you use.

CPB Grants

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Creative Capital Foundation

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What are RSS Feeds?

RSS Feeds (a.k.a. "Atom Feeds" or just "Feeds") are a way to get updated content delivered to you from a variety of web sites and services. Instead of remembering to visit sites to look for updates, feeds can be used to get updates sent to you at a single location known as a "feed reader." For a longer and better explanation, check out this video.

Why should I bother?

You can use feeds to get notified about the latest issue of a journal (or even articles before the journal is published), to get new search results on a topic of interest, to make your own personalized news services, or just to follow a friend/colleague's blog.

What sites and services use feeds?

Blogs, newspapers, journals, databases, calendars, search engines, social networking sites, and more. Feeds are everywhere on the web.

Why not just subscribe to email updates?

Not all sites that offer feeds offer emailed updates. Also, email updates can quickly overwhelm your email account, making it more work to find messages that are meant directly for you or that require some kind of reply. By separating updates to your favorite sites and services from your email, you can better control when you read what's new and when you communicate.


Delicious is a way to save links to web content of any kind.  You can organize these links with tags, and share sets of links in stacks. 

"A stack is a collection of links built around a common theme, which can include the collector's commentary. They are a great way to present a more dynamic view of links rather than, say, a tag search result. Stack creators can choose link order, images, descriptions, and ultimately frame the conversation or topic with personal titles and comments."

Add the Delicious bookmarklet to your browsers

Add the Delicious bookmarklet on an ipad or iphone

Delicious help

Delicious and RSS: 

Delicious offers links to companion RSS feeds on most Profile pages to help you keep track of links from other users. Look for the "rss" link just under a user's profile picture.

You can also create an rss feed to Delicious tags.  The simplest means of subscribing to a delicious tag as an rss feed uses the linke below, edited for the tag that is of interest to you.{tag[+tag+...+tag]} would be, for example

Track Opportunities

Track any funding related rss feeds using a feed reader.  This means you can see all the latest opportunities in one place.  For those resources that don't yet provide a feed, many offer an email subscription.

What is Social Bookmarking

Wikipedia on social bookmarking.

And a video about it.