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GIS Services

Geographic Information Systems: A guide to learning and using GIS at Temple University

How to obtain ArcGIS software

If you are a student and would like to have a copy of ArcGIS on your laptop or computer, you can request a copy through your instructor; as another benefit of Temple's ESRI GIS software site license, instructors may request a 1 year ArcView license for their students free of charge. ESRI will only honor requests submitted by instructors or faculty of the university; they will not honor requests submitted by students. If you have questions about this, contact Marc Getty.

ArcGIS in Paley

All computers in Paley Library have ArcGIS loaded onto them. There is no other software on the terminals which can be used with ArcGIS. If you need auxilary software, you should consider using one of the labs listed in the box below.

Other GIS Software on Campus

There are two other labs on campus which have GIS software:

1. Geographic Information Systems Lab, Department of Geography and Urban Studies
Gladfelter Hall 336, 3rd floor.

This lab features 19, dual 3.02 GHz, multi-threading, Pentium Xeon workstations which are supported by a wide-range of associated peripheral devices for data input and extraction. Each workstation supports a full compliment of ESRI  and IDRISI GIS software applications together with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Macromedia MX Studio products for web-authoring and development. In addition to hardware and software, students, instructors and researchers have access to many datasets shared with the Social Science Data Library and the Temple-based Philadelphia Indicators Project. More data resides on the facility's dual 3.02 GHz Dell server.

2. The Graphics Lab (Room 203) on the 2nd floor of the TECH Center, has ESRI ArcGIS ArcGlobe 10, ESRI ArcGIS ArcMap 10, and ESRI ArcScene 10. For a list of other software available on the computers in the TECH Center, click here.

Subject Specialist

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