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Sociology: Overview

A Guide to Resources at Temple University Libraries and Elsewhere

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Center for Health Oucomes and Policy Research (U of Penn)

Population Aging Research Center (U of Penn)

Population Studies Center (U of Penn)

Penn and Paper - the Undergraduate Sociology Journal at Penn

Topic Overview

"Within the contemporary context, sociologists are interested in human social interaction as people take one another into account as each behaves toward the other. Sociologists also take into analytical consideration the systemic units of interaction within social groups, social relations, and social organizations."

From The Sociological Perspective by Dennis L. Peck and Clifton D. Bryant. 21st Century Sociology. 2006. SAGE Publications. 23 Jan. 2008. For further readings about Sociology, click here

Begin Sociological research by reviewing a research guide in order to become familiar with reference books and information sources in Sociology:

Finding the Source in Sociology and Anthropology: a Thesaurus-Index to the Reference Collection / compiled by Samuel R. Brown
Sociology: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources / S. H. Aby
Social Science Reference Sources: A Practical Guide / Tze-chung Li

The Social Sciences: A Cross-Disciplinary Guide to Selected Sources / N. L. Herron (Table of Contents)

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