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A guide to finding information about the city

The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia

About the Project:

The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia is a civic project to increase understanding of one of America’s greatest cities. From abolition and the American Revolution to yellow fever and zoos (with cheesesteaks, rowhouses, and hundreds of other topics in between), the Encyclopedia volume and its digital companion will offer the most comprehensive, authoritative reference source ever created for the Philadelphia region.

  • Readers will discover the origins and history of this dynamic city and its connections with its nearby neighbors, the nation, and the world.
  • Residents of the Delaware Valley will see how their experiences combine to create the vitality of social, cultural, economic, and political life.
  • Students, teachers, and community organizations will have ready access to reliable information, and policy-makers will find the lessons of the past that are necessary for charting the future.

With lively and informed essays, original maps, and new research on topics of current interest, The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia will create a legacy of understanding for generations to come.

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