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The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia

The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia has several articles on the topic of neighborhoods in Philadelphia:


To see a crime map for each neighborhood, go to the CRIME tab.


Incorporated District, Boroughs, and Townships in the County of Philadelphia, 1854

Neighborhood Images from the Free Library of Philadelphia

"neighborhoods covered in Robert F. Looney's book Old Philadelphia in Early Photographs, with descriptions based on the Philadelphia Almanac and Citizen's Manual, 1995, edited by Ken Finkel"

List of Philadelphia neighborhoods.

From Wikipedia, a comprehensive list of Philadelphia neighborhoods, organized by broad geographical section within the city.

neighborhoodBase from the Philadelphia Neighborhood Information System (NIS)

" ...uses GIS maps, and the data behind them, to tie together information on vacancy, abandonment, and population demographics.."

Philadelphia Neighborhoods.

"Over 85 Philadelphia City Planning Commission Reports prepared from 1946 to 1990"

Philadelphia Neighborhoods and Place Names

"... nearly 200 neighborhood names currently in use and the nearly 200 used no longer, .... from the earliest days of Swedish occupation to the present."


General LC Subject Headings:
Germantown Philadelphia Pa

Germantown Philadelphia Pa History

Historic Germantown

Point Breeze:

The Place Where You Live: Point Breeze. Neighborhood description from The South Philly Review

Point Breeze, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wikipedia article

University City:

A History of Philadelphia's University City by Leon S. Rosenthal, c1963. Printing Office of the University of Pennsylvania.

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