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A guide to finding information about the city

Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC)

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission makes available from its webpage many publications "for guiding the orderly growth and development of the City of Philadelphia":

The Recommended FY2011-2016 Capital Program

Design Guidelines for Off-Street Parking

Floor Area Ratio Catalog

"Plan of Development" Regulations for Review and Comment

Development Permit Review Process: Recommendations for Reform

Imagine Philadelphia: Laying the Foundation for a Comprehensive Plan

PCPC Integrated Planning and Zoning Process

Strategic Planning Services for the Point Breeze Neighborhood

Broad Street Subway Ridership Study

Center City Bikeways:Crosstown South Pilot Project

Philadelphia Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan (Click here for the Plan Web Site) 

Market Street East Strategic Plan Executive Summary

City of Philadelphia: The FY2010-2015 Capital Program

GreenPlan Philadelphia: The City's Blueprint for Sustainable Open Space (Click on this link for the GreenPlan Web Site)

Germantown and Nicetown Transit-Oriented Plan

Station Square Urban Design Study

North Delaware Riverfront Rail Stations Urban Design Study

Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual: A Practical Guide for Homeowners

Passyunk Square Village Center Recommendations

Public Documents for Gaming Sites in Philadelphia

Reuse Planning for Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Sites

Philadelphia Zoning Code Commission (Zoning Classification Reports)

City of Philadelphia Zoning Code (Title 14: Zoning and Planning)

PCPC Community Planning Division Home Page

Blight Certification and Redevelopment Area Plan Reports

The Political and Community Service Boundaries of Philadelphia

North Broad Street Transportation and Access Study

TOD Plans: Frankford Avenue and West Market Street Corridors

Recommended Planting List for Off-Street Parking

Center City Parking Policy Statement

Benjamin Franklin Parkway Circulation, Parking, and Transit Study

Extending the Vision for North Broad Street

Sustainable Planning and Development Policy Paper

Planning Philadelphia's Open Spaces (Pilot Study Recommendations for a Citywide Open Space Plan)

Central Delaware Riverfront Plan Working Papers

River Greenway Design Guidelines

Philadelphia Shops Update 2002—2003

Design Guidelines for Commercial Façade Improvements

Community Heritage Preservation Project

Parks & Plazas (Ideas for Renewing Parks and Plazas in the City's Core Area)

Zoning Remapping in Philadelphia

Extending the Vision for South Broad Street (Building Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts in the 21st Century)

The Plan for West Philadelphia







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