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Recreation: Articles Published by David Dillard

Recreation - an activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates

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Search Tools for Scholars 2010
Database and Internet Search Tools
Search Tools for Scholars 2010 :
Database and Internet Search Tools
of Use to Scholars and Students in Sport Psychology



Search Tools for Scholars 2006
Database and Internet Search Tools of Use
to Scholars and Students in Sport Psychology



Search Tools for Scholars 2008
Electronic Resources for Bibliographic Research i
n the Field of Sport Psychology






Wellness and Tourism: Mind, Body, Spirit, Place
Edited by Robyn Bushell and Pauline J. Sheldon
ISBN: 1-882345-51-7 $75.00 (Softbound)
Pre-publication Price $60.00 (expires May 15, 2009)
Cognizant Communication

Marta Jacob and Jafar Jafari



SECTION 1: Conceptual Links Between Wellbeing and Tourism

Chapter 1. Introduction to Wellness and Tourism
Pauline J. Sheldon and Robyn Bushell

Chapter 2. Quality of Life, Tourism, and Wellness
Robyn Bushell

Chapter 3. Vacation as Preventive Medicine
Sevil Snmez and Yorghos Apostolopoulos

Chapter 4. Wellness Tourism and Health Promotion: Healthy Tourists and
Brent Powis and Zena O?Leary

Chapter 5: Holistic Tourism: Integrating Body, Mind, Spirit
Catherine Kelly and Melanie Smith

Case Study 1.Yoga Tourism
Jane Ali-Knight

SECTION 2: The Constructs of Wellness Tourism

Chapter 6. Development of a Sustainable Wellness Tourism Destination
Pauline J. Sheldon and Sun-Young Park

Chapter 7. Constructing Feelings of Wellness in Tourist Performance
David Crouch

Chapter 8. Promoting Wellbeing via Multisensory Tourism
Graham M. S. Dann and Kristin Berg Nordstrand

Chapter 9. Canadian Health and Wellness Tourism: Synergies and Challenges
Peter W. Williams

Case Study 2. Harnessing Spa and Wellness Opportunities: An Australian
Chris White

SECTION 3: Motivations and Experiences

Chapter 10. Outdoor Adventure Tourism, Wellness, and Place Attachment
Cory Kulczycki and Michael Lck

Chapter 11. Wellness Through Spiritual Tourism Encounters
Yoel Mansfeld and Alison McIntosh

Chapter 12. Transformative Travel: Inspiring Sustainability
Garth Leslie Lean

Chapter 13. Medical Tourism: An Asian Perspective
Joan C. Henderson

Chapter 14. Wellness Tourism and the Future
Robyn Bushell and Pauline J. Sheldon

Case Study 3. Wellness as Tourist Motivation: Case of Taiwan
Joseph S. Chen and Nina Prebensen

Appendix. Wellness Tourism: Bibliographic and Webliographic Essay
David P. Dillard




Net-Gold Content About Tourism and Wellness

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Kevin L. Burke, Michael L. Sachs, Samantha J. Fry,
Sherry L. Schweighardt.
Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology
9th Edition
Fitness Information Technology
ISBN: 9781885693891
Copyright: 2008

Appendix M
Surfing the Net

In Appendix M, I have contributed an article entitled,
"Electronic Resources for Bibliographic Research
in the Field of Sport Psychology".

Included in this article is a table that shows how many
times in each of a large group of databases covering a
wide range of subject fields and subject disciplines the
phrase sport psychology is found in bibliographic
records in each database. Also covered is discussion
of the variety of databanks providing databases for
research and some consideration is given
as well to searching techniques in databases.
The question, "With so many databases, who needs
Google?", is also considered. There is also a
substantial list of resources and resource lists
provided at the end of this article. Some additional
answers to "Who Needs Google?" can be found
in the various parts of "Meet the Googles".

What Do CD-ROM Users Really Need?
Clever, Elaine Cox; Dillard, David P.
Information Services and Use
v. 11 no. 3 p. 141-53 1991

Physical Education Research--Computerized Databases
in an Interdisciplinary Field.
Clever, Elaine Cox; Dillard, David P.
Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
v. 64 no. 7 p. 67-72 September 1993

Alternative Careers for Librarians:
Selected Web and Print Resources.
Dillard, David
One-Person Library
November 2004 v. 21 no. 7 p. 8-9

The E-Book: Pipe Dream or Potential Disaster?
Dorman, David
American Libraries
February 1999 v. 30 no. 2 p. 36

RLIN: a databank to consider
Clever, Elaine Cox; Dillard, David P.
Online (Weston, Conn.)
v. 12 May 1988 p. 28-29.
[Product evaluation]

Librarians, Jelly Beans, and Google Book Search.
(cover story)
Dillard, David.
March / April 2006 v. 30 no. 2 p. 20-21

From Researcher to Ringleader: A Journey.
Dillard, David.
Multimedia Schools
September 2000
v. 7 no. 4 p. 42

HPER [health, physical education, and recreation]
for help: selection and reference tools for a new field .
Clever, Elaine Cox; Dillard, David P.
The Reference Librarian,
no. 33 1991 p. 143-50.

Let your online databank save you time and money .
Clever, Elaine Cox; Dillard, David P.
Collection Building
v. 11 no. 3 1991 p. 17-19.
[Feature article]

Teaching database research skills to students:
a view from the trenches
Dillard, David.
NFAIS Newsletter
March 2002 v. 44 no. 2 p. 6

Database Information Resource Tips for Athletic Trainers.
Dillard, David P.
Athletic Therapy Today
May 2004 v. 9 no. 3 p. 60-61

A database approach to the recycling of rhenium
Laird, G. L.,
1996, p.79-88
Re '97; rhenium and rhenium alloys; proceedings of the
International symposium devoted to the 70th anniversary
of the discovery of rhenium.
Bryskin, Boris D. [editor]
(Rhenium Alloys, Elyria, OH, United States)
International symposium on Rhenium and rhenium alloys.
Orlando, FL, United States, Feb. 10-13, 1997
With the technology of rhenium now well established,
its progress can be enhanced with the awareness of means
to recover it from scrapped sources. The search of databases
for information on rhenium recycling, has generated an
awareness of issues and problems of the field.
Various approaches are considered. Patent literature
spanning 1957-1993, and citations to abstracts of technical
publications on the recycling of rhenium from secondary sources,
over the period 1977 to 1995 were retrieved.



NET-GOLD: Selected Citations to Net-Gold on the Web




Webliographies and Bibliographies

















NET-GOLD: Selected Citations to Net-Gold on the Web 

Selected Citations to Net-Gold on the Web
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Net-Gold Cited on FDLP Community Beta
Gov Doc Kids Group
Web resources found by the Gov Doc Kids Group.

Government Information Gateway Sites
Government Related Subject Guides
This is a selective and brief collection of subject guides
to government publications documents
and resources online and in print


Net-Gold Cited on Online Instructional Resources :
Teaching in the Disciplines: College of Music :
Teaching Resources for All Areas of Music :
Michigan State University
British Library Releases 23,700 Rare Audio Tracks Online.
Announces and categorizes these audio tracks a
nd links to them at


Over Sixty Academic Discussion Lists:
List Addresses and
Hot-Linked URLs
for Archives & Search Engines *

Richard R. Hake, Indiana University Emeritus


Title Online virtual chat library reference service:
A quantitative and qualitative analysis
Authors Dave Harmeyer, Pepperdine University
Publisher ProQuest, 2007
ISBN 0549307494, 9780549307495
Length 214 pages


Net-Gold cited on Google Books page for book here


Net-Gold cited in Zach S. Henderson Library
Resources for Faculty
3. Author Cited Reference Searching:
A Selected Group of Sources
(some hyperlinked, others print only)

 This post suggests some sources that discuss 
methods of finding
(from a publication or article
known to the reader), who has used 
that article
in their subsequent research and writing because
cited that author in their bibliography or text
or footnotes or endnotes.

This post may be found at this Net Gold URL:


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Net-Gold is cited in this article:
Pandemic or Panic?
CABI Finds the Facts for Free on Swine Flu, aka H1N1
by Barbara Quint
Posted On May 7, 2009
And librarians are rising to the occasion too.
David Dillard, librarian at Temple University's Paley Library,
has set up search strategies on Google that can find
publishers who are providing free articles on influenza.
The link to these strategies is at 



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