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Temple University Libraries Tips and Links

Temple University Tips and Links

Sebastien Bacle's Study Skills Resources


General Academic Skills


The Math Forum @ Drexel

We offer a wealth of problems and puzzles; online mentoring;
research; team problem solving; collaborations; and professional
development. Students have fun and learn a lot. Educators share
ideas and acquire new skills.



McMaster University Academic Skills 
McMaster University in Ontario province has an outstanding
video series on various study skills including critical thinking,
time management, procrastination avoidance, math, and writing skills.

University of Texas Learning Center 
University of Texas has an excellent archive of handouts that you can work
through to work on your academic skills.  These include time management,
stress management, learning strategies, note taking, test taking strategies and
skills, reading and writing skills, and math study sheets

Study Guides and Strategies
This website has a variety of guides to different study strategies and specific
techniques for improving study skills, time management, critical reading and
paper writing skills, and test taking, etc.


 Reading Comprehension Strategies


SQ3R PowerPoint 
The University of North Florida has put together a PowerPoint
presentation on the SQ3R reading strategy.  This is a good basic
reading method to begin with if you have never thought about
using reading strategies before.

Reading Improvement 
Dartmoth College Academic Skills Center has an online 10 minute
video about improving your reading skills and other videos for
other academic study skills.


Reading Strategies 
This website is geared towards teachers, but has excellent examples
of active strategies you can use a s a student to maximize your
understanding when reading dense texts.  It also gives example
pictures of what each strategy looks like.

U of T Reading Strategy Handouts

The University of Texas Learning center has some great handouts
on reading strategies (scroll down the page to the reading section)
along with a wealth of other great handouts on study strategies.


Wolfram Alpha



Sebastien Bacle's Mathematics and Other Resources



Math Resources


Purple Math
Purple math is a great website that provides online math
lessons written by educators and has gotten good reviews
from students.  It also has links to some other good
math resources. 


SOS Math 
SOS math is similar to Purple Math in that it has good lessons and
explanations for several math topics.  It also has a section of sample
tests so that you can try to asses your progress.


Drexel Math Forum
Drexel Math Forum is a forum with discussions of math topics. 
You can get help with specific concepts and problems in the
Ask Dr Math section, or you can search for the topic you are
interested in receiving help with to see if it has already been discussed.

Math Nerds 
Math Nerds is somewhat similar to As Dr Math (see above), but much
more in depth.  This site lets you ask questions to a team of mathematics
professors and educators, who usually responds in under 16 hours. 
The site is free, but you will need to register (to avoid spam etc.)


Dr. Paul Dawkins online math notes
If you need something more along the lines of a textbook,
Dr. Paul Dawkins has placed extensive course notes on algebra
and a review of pre-calculus online for free.  We have used these notes
in the past for our summer program to prepare students for college
level mathematics and had success with them.


Math Tools
Need a calculator to check your work? 
How about conversion factors? 
Try this free online calculator.



For those taking calc 3 or above, it is highly
recommended that you get comfortable using
advanced mathematics software to become
familiar with graphs of multivariable functions. 
Proprietary software is available in the
computer labs, but a free program is available
for use at home at the address below.


Advanced Math and Science Classes

MIT Online lecture materials 
MIT makes lecture notes, textbooks,
and multimedia content available for
free for some if its more advanced math classes
(calculus and beyond).

Physics Forum  
If you need help with more advanced Physics,
the Physics forum is a good place to go.  
You can ask specific questions or just
brows through the forums for lessons and 


Wolfram’s Mathworld has all sorts of advanced math topics
for upper level classes a math or physics major might take.



Online Textbooks 

Free Medical Textbooks

The following website has a list of online anatomy textbooks
available for free.  There are also other free textbooks geared
towards med students.  If you are in a pre-health professions track,
now is the time to start looking for any additional resources that
could be helpful in your studies.  Med students absolutely need to
be skilled in finding and using additional study resources and study
strategies in order to get through.


Free Mathematics Textbooks

The math textbooks on this website range from advanced to
super-advanced and are really geared towards those majoring
in mathematics (or getting a graduate degree).  This is a great
resource for those math tutors who have questions about calc 3,
differential equations, modern algebra, complex analysis, etc. 
For a textbook geared towards general mathematics,
see Dr. Paul Dawkins online math notes above.





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