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Community & Regional Planning: Introduction


This subject guide will introduce you to some of the information resources available in the Temple University Libraries system. Materials are available in many different formats, including print, electronic and media.


Print sources will be located in the Ambler Library, the Depository, our storage facility, or Paley Library at main campus. If the material you need is not in the Ambler Library you may request printed circulating materials by using the radio button marked Request on the book record. After filling out the information and marking that you would like to pick up the material at the Ambler Library, the process has begun. Your material should be at the Ambler Library within 3 working days, and you will be sent an email to let you know your material is available.

Electronic sources are available from all Temple locations and are proxied to provide authentication for your convenience when not at a Temple location.


Welcome to the Planning and Community Development Subject Guide.  This guide will introduce you to many of the rich resources the Temple University Libraries system provides to support this discipline.  Check back often, because there will always be additions, changes, edits, and revisions happening!

If you have any suggestions or  comments concerning the content of these pages, please let me know.

Areas of Coverage

The field of planning is one of the most multidisciplinary in the academic environment.  The Temple University Libraries system seeks to support academic coursework and the research within a department.  This information will present the broadest possible view of the interests of this department. Check the department's website, link listed below, for additional information including the mission and scope of the programs.

Some Basic Book Information that Might be of Assistance!

I will talk about searching the Diamond catalog in another place, but I thought I'd introduce some areas in the Library of Congress Classification System that are appropriate areas for your field.  As I did mention, the planning field has multiple areas of crossover in this subject based system, but this is one call number area of direct interest:

HT 51 - 1595.        Communities. Classes. Races.

   HT 51 - 65.             Human settlements. Communities.

   HT 101 - 395.          Urban groups. The city. Urban sociology.

   HT 161 - 165.          Garden cities. "The city beautiful".

   HT 165.5 - 169.9.     City planning.

   HT 170 - 178.           Urban renewal. Urban redevelopment 

   HT 201 - 221.           City population, including immigration, children in cities.

   HT 231.                    Effect of city life.

   HT 251 - 265.            Mental and moral life.

   HT 281.                    Recreation. Amusements.

   HT 321 - 325.            City promotion. The city as an economic factor. 

   HT 330 - 334.            Metropolitan areas.

   HT 351 - 352.           Suburban cities and towns.

   HT 361 - 384.           Urbanization. City and country.

   HT 388.                    Regional economics.


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