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Tools for finding if textbooks for courses are available in and through the Temple University Libraries (TUL).

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Click the Summon under Quick Links at  

For example, if you want Global Business Today9th edition (2016) by Charles W.L. Hill.  You can do a keyword search for the book's title or combine author and title in the advanced search.  Refine your search by clicking on the Book/eBook under the Source Type list on the left side of the screen.  You will see that Temple has the 4th edition (2006) and it is located in the Paley Stacks.  

Global Business Today in Summon


If you search using the ISBN 9780078112911 you will see in the search results that we do not have the 9th edition of the book.  All Temple Libraries are included in the catalog.  If it was available it would appear in the results list.

Summon returned zero results


If you include "sources outside of the library's collection" or click the option to Add Results Beyond Your Library's Collection you will link to a citation about the book.  There is no full text available.

Add results beyond your library's collection in summon

If you have not found your book in the TUL catalog, you can search to see if it is available on Course Reserve.