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Architecture: Find Books

Why Books?

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Question: What value lies in books?  Why, for example, would a researcher choose a book over a journal?

Answer: Because of their length, books tend to provide more comprehensive treatment of a topic. Books can also be useful for providing footnotes to additional materials. Important book sources for art research include exhibition catalogs and catalog raissone. 

Browse the Stacks

The Art books in Paley are located on the 3rd floor. My office is right in front of the Print Media and Decorative Arts section (Room 317). Stop by while you're browsing through the collection! 

N          Visual Arts, Art History 

NA        Architecture
NB        Sculpture 
NC        Drawing Design Illustration
ND        Painting 
NE        Print Media
NK        Decorative Arts
NX        Arts in General
TR         Photography
TS         Manufactures
            TS200-770 Metalwork, includes work about the manufacturing of Jewlery, and clocks
            TS 800-887 Woodwork
            TS1300-1781 Textile Industry and Fabrics
TT         Arts and Crafts, Handicrafts


Find Books

Find Books

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Architecture Books in the Stacks

General Architecture NA 50-60
Architectural History NA 190 - 1614
Architectural Theory NA 2500
Architectural Details NA 2840
City Planning and Aesthetics NA 9000 - 9428
Landscape Architecture SB 469 - 476.4
Building Construction TH 1 - 9745

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Ask the Librarian?

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Jill Luedke
Paley Library, Rm. 317, (3rd floor, west side)
(215) 204-3166