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Find Videos/DVDs: Language

A guide to how to locate Videos and DVDs in the Diamond catalog, as well as where to borrow these items.

About Language Searches

Searching Diamond for a particular language may retrieve entries for films in which search term is not the primary language.  Why?

Diamond's DVD/Video search is a keyword search.  As a result, the search retrieves any entries where a particular word appears, regardless of context.  For example, a search for "Italian" will retrieve films about Italian-American families, in addition to films in the Italian language.  Likewise, searching for a language will find catalog records where that language is one of the subtitle options.  While a Portuguese language learner might wish to watch "Ghostbusters" with Portuguese subtitles, one doesn't typically classify "Ghostbusters" as a film in Portuguese.

You can browse lists of film by original language using the links accessible on the Language tab above.  Click the "INFO" link in the last column to access the Diamond catalog record for the film.

Diamond Catalog Video/DVD search

All videos and DVDs in the library collections are listed in Diamond, the Temple University Libraries' catalog.  Diamond contains listings for films held by Paley Media Services and the CLA Ed Tech Center, as well as films housed at Ambler and Temple's satellite campuses in Rome and Japan.

Search for Videos or DVDs by keyword using the Video/DVD search link available from the Diamond main search screen. 

To search by Author (directors and actors), Title, or Subject Headings, use the Advanced search link in Diamond.  Use the "Any Field" pull down menus to select Author, Title, or Subject, enter the desired search terms, and--on the next line--search for the keyword "Videorecording" as "Any Field".

If you find a movie with no location information, it has been ordered but hasn't arrived in the libraries yet.  If you find a movie marked "New in Transit", talk to staff at a service desk or use the Ask a Librarian! online reference service to see about getting the book processed and held for you.


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