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ANTH 3331: Anthropology and Culture Change: in context

For the Spring 2013 course taught by Sam Spies, with a focus on orientalism, hybridity, transnationalism, the middle east, representation...


Encyclopedia of Evironment and SocietyEncyclopedia of Identity

Encyclopedia of GeographyEncyclopedia of Global Studies

Encyclopedia of Political Theory

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks, and Guides

Need to look up a name, place, term, or event?  The sources below contain many different kinds of encyclopedias and dictionaries and are excellent starting points.  

Introductory Essays & Topic Overviews

Need some context? These are detailed guides to authors, composers, philosophers, genres, various literatures and other fields of study, providing context and analysis for a thorough introduction.


A Companion to Post-1945 AmericaA Dictionary of Cultural and Critical Theory

Encyclopedia of Literary and Cultural TheoryEncyclopedia of the Modern Middle East & North Africa