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INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND COPYRIGHT GUIDE SERIES: COPYRIGHT, Intellectual Property and Plagiarism Sources: How to Write a Research Paper

This guide provides links to core internet sources on both copyright and plagiarism as well as links to bibliographies on each of these topics.

Research Paper Skills Guides and Articles by David Dillard Regarding Database Searching

RESEARCH PAPERS: Russell Conwell Center Research Guides: How to Write a Research Paper

Temple University Libraries Tips and Links

Temple University Tips and Links

Student Conduct Codes and Academic Dishonesty

Site Map of Research Paper Guide Sections and Related Content

How to Write a Research Paper

BOOKS: How to Write a Research Paper

Paragraphing, Sentence Structure, Spelling, Grammar Format and Punctuation in Writing Papers and Publications

How to Select a Research Paper Topic

Database Search Results for How to Write a Research Paper

Tools That Help with Writing and Research Papers

Government Writing Manuals Guides and Handbooks

Plain English Writing

Search Technique Resources and Finding Tools to Get From Found Source Citations to Those Full Text Sources

How to Evaluate Research Articles

Graduate Students and Research

Links to Specific Selected Subject Discipline Journal Ranking Lists FROM SCIMAGO and Based on SCOPUS