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Census counts: Census counts

Sources for questions on census counts, undercounts, overcounts and sampling

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Census counts

1) Definitions of: Apportionment, reapportionmentelectoral districting I, and electoral districing II,and Electoral Districting, Fairness, and Judicial Review and State and Local Demography

Search the database CQ Researcher for articles on Census counts.

Search the database Academic Search Premier for articles on "1990 Census" and redistricting

For books, it is best to use the Advanced keyword search, the term "1990 Census" and limit it to the Collection: Paley Stacks. Otherwise, the results will be overwhelming:

2)  U.S. Census Bureau History and Innovations and Questionnairesand Data Collection

3)  Search the database Academic Search Premier for articles on (overcount* OR undercount*) AND Census

4)  Most of the last two Census' are available online.  The 2000 Census of Population and Housing is the latest decennial census in print at call number HA201.122 .C464 2003 on the second floor East side of Paley Library.

Microfilm copies of  United States decennial census publications, 1790-1970 are on the Ground Floor of Paley in boxes with the number Micro- film 3500 above the PER cabinets.  The reel guides are at the ends of the rows.

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