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REL 2096: Death & Dying: Home

a library guide for resources on death and dying


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Research on death and dying covers a vast array of topics and research methods.  Think about the types of publications and documents that are most appropriate for your research. 

Where would you find first-person accounts?  interviews?  medical reports?  Where would you find information on grief?  religious traditions?  natural disasters?

Keep the following publication types in mind:

  1. Reference materials (encyclopedias, dictionaries, guides, companions)
  2. Newspapers (news reports, editorials, interviews)
  3. Magazines (news, investigative reports, popular culture)
  4. Journals (scholarly articles that closely analyze topics)
  5. Books (on popular or scholarly topics)
  6. Films (feature, documentary, independent)
  7. Web sites (non-profit organizations, government, discussion groups)

This Home page provides reference sources-encyclopedias, dictionaries, companions--to begin your research. Click on the tabs across the top of the page to find Books, Articles, and more.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact me.  Good luck.  Fred


Reference works, i.e. encyclopedias and dictionaries, are an excellent source of facts, dates, events, biographies, explanations, surveys, bibliographies, and general overviews.  Use these to start your research or for quick answers to satisfy your curiosity.  You can use these as an alternative to Wikipedia.

Selected Web Sites

(web sites recommended by L. Bregman)