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Child Development, Birth to Nine ECED 2101

For Lorraine Porcellini's class.


For this assignment you must find an article on a child development topic (bullying, parenting practices, learning disabilities, peer relations, teaching practices, etc.) in a popular media source that cites a scholarly research article. You must then find the scholarly article that is cited. Follow the steps on this guide to find both of your articles.


STEP 1: Find an article from a popular media source

Locate an article or news item presented in a popular media source that cites a scholarly article or report on your topic of interest. Popular media sources may include newspapers, blogs, social media, magazines, TV, radio, etc. Use any of the search databases below to locate a popular source.

Example search:


Search Tips

  • Use the terms "study" or "research" to help narrow down results in the news databases. Limit results by date (after 2008).
  • Note any pertinent information about the research study in the popular source. Is there an author listed? A university? A research organization? Publication date?
  • In Education Source (or other database), search by author if you do not have the title of the scholarly study.