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ENG 4196: Studies in Language and Literacy

Research help for the course, ENG 4196: Early Modern Science and Magic.

Library Research for Early Modern Science and Magic

This guide will help you with the stages of your final paper for the course Early Modern Science and Magic. Use the adjacent blue buttons to help you find sources about science and magic in the 16th and 17th centuries. If you need help, contact the librarian.

"Ptolemeus and Astronomia." Original image in: Reisch, Gregor, -1525. Margarita philosophica (Basilee : Michael Furterius, 1517), leaf 122v. 1g 52c (Historical Medical Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia).

LitMed: Literature, Arts, & Medicine Database


What is Alchemy?

What exactly is alchemy, and what were alchemical practices during the Early Modern period? Check out these different definitions from various encyclopedias to learn more about this ancient practice as well as places to turn to for further information.

"Alchyma" from Konrad Gesner, The Practice of Old and New Phisicke, 1599. Courtesy of National Library of Medicine