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Find Music Scores: Find Printed Music

Find printed music for a vast array of solo, chamber, vocal, orchestral, and various combinations in a wide variety of genres.

Search for Music at Temple!

Kyrie from Bach B minor Mass

Need to find a musical score? Use the following to find scores and more at Temple and at other libraries.

Diamond: Temple University Libraries Catalog Use the library catalog to search for music.

Diamond: The Libraries' Catalog Search (Books and More)




Searching for Music - Tips!

Find Sheet Music

To find sheet music in the libraries, use the Keywords search option in the Diamond Catalog.  For more precise results, use the advanced keyword search option.

Example: You want to look up Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring".

Do a keyword search: Stravinsky AND Rite.

This will bring up a list of various items including books, sheet music, and audio recordings. Icons towards the right side will identify each. Clicking on one of the scores will bring up further detailed information on the item. Towards the top of the information, you will also see the link (in our example): "Vesna Sviashchennaia". This is the Uniform Title, or the title of the work in the original language. Clicking on this title will lead you to more manifestations of the work.

Generic titles are common in music materials: symphonies, sonatas, overtures, quartets, suites, concertos, etc. For generic titles, enter the plural form of the title (in English) in your keyword search, even if you only want ONE particular symphony, or sonata, etc. You can add other identifying elements, such as number or key, to your keyword search to narrow your results.

Example: You want to look up Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Piano Sonata in C major, op. 545.

Do a keyword search: "Wolfgang AND Mozart AND Piano AND Sonatas".

You can also try the keyword search: "Mozart AND sonatas AND 545". Realize that this search will not necessarily pick up collections of Mozart's sonatas.

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