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FMA 4697: Advanced Film History: Home

This guide is intended to help you complete assignments for FMA 4697

Ghost Ship (1943)

movie poster for Ghost Ship

movie still from Ghost Ship


You need to: Try:
Pick a film from a particular year or decade, identify films by a certain DP. Film Indexes Online
Identify a New York release date. New York Times (1851-2006)
Read one month of Variety. Variety is available in microfilm, Micro- film Per. 206, in the lower level of Paley Library
Note citations to articles about industry trends and that reference the film. To keep track of citations and easily format them for bibliographies, try RefWorks
Identify the studio your DP was associated with. Film Indexes Online or check the International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers or the library catalog to find a biography of your DP
Using at least six scholarly secondary sources, compile an annotated bibliography that includes... See the Annotated Bibliography tab for tips and examples
  • studio's economic history
  • some internal unit or personnel
  • director-producer relationship
  • film or films released by the studio
  • censorship or legal issues facing the studio
Use information gleaned from books and journal articles about the studios.  Try these databases for articles: Film & Television Literature, MLA Bibliography, American History and Life, and Peridicals Archive Online

Subject Guide

Brian Boling
Paley Library, Room 15
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