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Race and Ethnicity In Cinema: FMA 843

This website will help you with your research assignments for the General Education course Race & Ethnicity in Cinema.

Research Assignment for this Course

This website will help you with your research assignments for the General Education course Race & Ethnicity in Cinema

Research assignments (essays, research papers, annotated bibliographies, in-class presentations) for this course typically ask you to make an argument about how film represents, manages, or shapes the cultural history of race or ethnicity in American life.  This guide offers resources that may be helpful in getting ideas, shaping your thesis, and structuring and supporting your argument. 

Use the blue buttons on the left to help you find sources for your assignments, or see the chart below for a quick start.  Questions?  Contact the librarian.

If You Need to...

Try This for a Quick Start...

Identify films that represent a specific race or ethnicity.

Identify films by a particular director or from a parituclar genre.

Get basic facts about a film such as cast, crew, alternate titles, dates of release, etc.

To identify films on a topic, from a particular genre or era, or by a particular director, try using Screen Studies Collection as an alternative to, or compliment to, using the Internet Movie Database.  

Find a DVD copy of a particular film.  Use LibrarySearch to find a movie by title, limiting the search to the Media Services collection.

Get a sense of the historical or social context for your topic, or for the social issues represented in a particular film.

Use general reference sources like Credo Reference, Oxford Reference, or CQ Researcher, for a quick overview of historical issues and events, or to get brief explanations of concepts.  For more, including primary sources and articles, try the resources on the Explore the Social Context tab of this guide.  If the movie you are writing about is older, you may also want to try the news sources listed on the Historical News Sources part of this guide.

Find academic sources (books, articles, etc) to inform or support your thesis / argument / analysis.

Try searching for your topic in Film and Television Literature Index or MLA International Bibliography.  For sources on broader social or historical aspects of your topic, try the options on the Explore the Social Context page of this guide.

Find out what the popular and critical response is or was to a particular film.

Using the year that the film was released in theaters, try the options on the Get Movie Reveiws section of this guide. 
Write your annotations and format your annotated bibliography. Learn more on the How to Create an Annotated Bibliography section of this guide.