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Research guide that focuses on force and diplomacy, war and society, 21st century conflict


Use the tabs above to find scholarly sources on the application of force and diplomacy in both historic and contemporary contexts, the impact of warfare on society, and conflict in the 21st Century.

Whither Diplomatic and Military History?

Check out Great Caesar’s Ghost! Are Traditional History Courses Vanishing?, a New York Times article about the perceived decline of diplomatic and military history. What is your feeling about this trend in historical scholarship?

Whither Diplomatic and Military History?
"Bottom-up" social history is the way to go.: 3 votes (27.27%)
History w/out generals and statesman? Not a good trend.: 4 votes (36.36%)
Article sets up a false dichotomy; history is simply evolving.: 4 votes (36.36%)
Total Votes: 11

History 3496 Handout

Click on the link below to download a Word document that covers all of the encyclopedias, library databases, and other research tools necessary to complete the final research project for Barb Day-Hickman's Getting to Peace course, Spring 2014.

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