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Geographic Information Systems: A guide to learning and using GIS at Temple University


"Geographic Information Science is an interdisciplinary field focusing on the computational, cognitive, and visual representation and analysis of geospatial information. It encompasses topics such as geographic information systems (GIS), environmental remote sensing (RS), cartography, spatial statistics, and spatial cognition. A related focus is the application of geospatial technologies and methods to fields such as archaeology, demography, and hydrology."

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Are you New To GIS? Ten Tips for Learning More about GIS (from ESRI)

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GIS Reference Assistance

If you have a GIS project or are considering a GIS project and need assistance, contact the GIS librarian at Paley Library, Gregory McKinney. The librarian can discuss with you whether your research project has a spatial component and whether it would benefit from spatial analysis; inform you of available GIS software and resources on campus and assist you in using it; and discuss with you the data you will need for your project and assist in collecting and preparing it for your project. Contact the Mr. McKinney by telephone or email to set up an appointment for a consultation about your project in his office.

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The latest GIS News from ESRI, the world leader in geographic information system (GIS) technology and mapping software.
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Gregory McKinney
Paley Library
Room: 221
1210 W. Polett Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone: 215-204-4581
Fax: 215-204-5201