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Embed Library Guides in Blackboard: Tutorial

A tutorial for instructors on embedding LibGuides in BlackBoard courses; includes a brief intro on the types of LibGuides available. Instructions apply to Blackboard Cloud update.


For help embedding your guide into a Canvas course, please contact Jackie Sipes, Emerging Technologies Librarian, or your subject librarian.

1) Set up or select a content area

  • On the left-side menu bar in your Blackboard course, click the “+” icon at the top.
  • Select “Content Area.”
  • Give the content area a name and check the box next to “Available to Users.”
  • Alternatively, you can also select one of the existing content areas in your course’s left-side menu.


2) Set up the space where the guide will appear

  • Click open the content area that you created or selected
  • Click on the “Tools” drop-down and select “Research Guide Link.”
  • Create a name and description
  • Click “Submit;” don’t be fooled, you’re not done yet.

3) Add the guide content

  • Click open the subpage that you just set up.
  • Leave the “Site” menu selection as “Research Guides.”
  • In the “Content Type” menu, choose whether you want to embed a full guide, a guide page, or a guide "box."
  • Two "Guide" menus will appear. Leave the first menu's selection as "Select a specific guide by name." Use the second menu below the first to browse alphabetically or search for a guide to embed.
  • If you are embedding a specific guide page or guide box, menus will appear to allow you to select them. If you embed a full guide, you can select a “Landing Page” or use the guide’s default homepage.
  • Click “Embed Content,” and you’re done!