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Network Analysis: Getting Started

Resource guide for students and faculty interested in using network analysis tools to analyze historical data.

Why Network Analysis?

Given that the source material for many historical groups is often found in archives, census tracts, or dense publications of ancient material, it can be increasingly difficult to visualize how these groups interacted with and were related to one another. Fortunately, recent developments in the digital humanities have allowed researchers to visualize these complex sets of data using network analysis.

This guide provides an introduction to network analysis tools, which allow users to create dynamic visualizations of historical networks. 

The Historical Network Analysis guide is divided into four sections:

  1. Source Material: ​Types of sources used in historical network analysis
  2. Network Analysis Tools: A list of tools used to visualize historical networks
  3. Projects: Historical network analysis projects that use Gephi and other digital tools
  4. Further Reading: Useful websites and bibliography related to historical network analysis 


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