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Turning Points in the History of the Ancient World: History 0871: Home

A research guide supporting this GenEd course


The goals of this GenEd history course include learning "what we know" about the history of the ancient world from the dawn of our species through about 1200 C.E., "how we know it," and why our knowing it makes a difference (syllabus). 

This guide includes a primer on the use of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources within the context of historical research. It provides links to important primary- and secondary-source library databases such as Anthropology Plus, ARTstor, JSTOR, Smithsonian Global Sound and others. Finally, students can use this guide to discover critical reference (or tertiary) works including encyclopedias, handbooks, and the Reference Universe database.

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Historiography: Definition & Discussion

The term historiography defies simple definition, but at its core implies a concern for the examination of all aspects of historical scholarship, including especially the writing of history and the methods of historical research. It can also refer to a single scholarly work or body of historical literature, e.g. "the historiography of ancient Southwest Asia".

Find below a sampling of online works that deal with the historiography of the ancient world:

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