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PS 1301 International Relations: Getting Started / Finishing

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Getting Started

Use the scholarly sources below for overviews of research in particular areas, for ideas on topics to focus on, and for a measure of completeness in your handling of a topic:

Approved Topics and Guidelines

The general topic for the essay is major challenges for international relations; the specific topic is up to you. You may choose any of the issue areas that we have discussed in class or that we will discuss in class, such as human rights intervention or international political crisis. You may also choose a topic not on the syllabus that you believe is relevant to the course, but you must approve it with me first.

Approved topics include:

The US and IR
Domestic policy and IR
Institutions and organizations
International law
War (civil or interstate)
Just War
Democratic peace theory
International security challenges
Human Rights
The International Economy
Poverty and development
The environment
Global health issues
International social movements

The goal of the paper is to evaluate how (your issue) has evolved in the international community over time. You should identify major ideas and events that have affected your issue, and discuss their impact on international society. This is not an opinion paper. You will need to present a clear thesis statement, defend yourself with evidence, and respond to potential rival arguments.

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