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L.A. Plays Itself: Topics in Media Culture - FMA 3670 / MSP 2421 Los Angeles Study Away : Welcome

This guides is intended for Temple students in the Los Angeles Study Away program. The focus is on providing online resources in support of the assignments pertaining to the city of LA as a kind of character in film.

Film Images of LA

film still from L.A. Plays Itself

L.A. Plays Itself (2003)

film still from Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

film still from Look Out Below

Look Out Below (1919)

film still from Chinatown

Chinatown (1974)

Research Guide for the Los Angeles Plays Itself

Use the pages in this guide to learn more about Los Angeles, its neighborhoods, and its history to provide context and insights for your assignments in this class.  Use the resources on this guide to search for academic sources for your papers, and for tips on how to write about film, cite sources, and avoid plagiarism.  Just because you are in Los Angeles doesn't mean you can't get assistance.  Use my contact info below to contact me for extra support in working with your topic and the resources here.