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LAS 2098: The Legacy of Mesoamerica: Home

The term Mesoamerica describes both an ancient and contemporary culture-region that in the past encompassed much or all of modern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and El Salvador, and parts of Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

About This Guide

Welcome to the research guide for LAS 2098: The Legacy of Mesoamerica. My name is Rebecca Lloyd, and I'm the librarian for Latin American Studies at Temple.  I'll be co-teaching some portions of the class along with Professor Ron Webb.  Students taking this course must sign-up for a mandatory research consultation with me before spring break. The consultation has several purposes, the main one being to provide one-on-one assistance with the course's information literacy assignments. Click the blue "Schedule Appointment" button to at the right to set up a meeting with me.

LAS 2098 students can use this research guide to identify key concepts and search terms; obtain reliable background information from scholarly encyclopedias; search the Diamond catalog for books; identify key library databases and credible websites; and mange their sources with RefWorks.

Embedded Librarian

Rebecca Lloyd
Paley Library
Room 319