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Meaning of Madness: SPSY 0828

In this guide

Welcome to the research guide for the General Education course Meaning of Madness. Here you will find resources that you can use to find information on various topics related to psychology and mental illness. For help with research, please contact your librarian at or schedule an appointment below.

This research guide is intended to help you find information and sources for your

  • Controversy presentation (must cite scholarly and/or non-scholarly sources and give background information on your topic)
  • Reflection paper(s) or Research reflection paper (must cite sources from the relevant research literature)
  • Stigma/awareness project

Find Research Studies for your Reflection Papers & Controversy Presentations

Use these databases to find research-based articles related to your topic. Databases usually have a mix of research/scholarly and non-scholarly sources, so you'll need to make sure you look closely at any article you choose to discern which type it is. 

Find Non-Scholarly (Newspapers, Magazines, websites, etc.) for your Controversy Presentations

Use these resources to find newspaper and magazine articles on your topic. Newspapers and Magazines are typically intended for a general audience and a little easier to understand.

You can also find decent non-scholarly sources through Google, but you may have more luck getting the full-text using these links. 

What kind of sources do I need for my assignments?

Reflection Papers

  • at least one source from the relevant research (or "scholarly") literature

Controversy Presentation 

  • scholarly 
  • non-scholarly
  • background information