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Find Maps: Current Maps & Atlases

Maps Reference Area in Paley Library

The Map Reference Area - located at the east end of the library's first floor.

  • Current issues of most atlases are available in the general reference area.
  • Most of the flat maps are located in the Map Reference Area. These are primarily 7.5 minute topographic maps from the U. S. Geological Survey. Each state is divided into many quadrangle maps, each of which has a name located in the lower right corner of the map, and which are filled in the appropriate state drawer alphabetically by map name. To find the quandrangle map with the feature you are looking for, use the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) online, or use the print OMNI Gazetteer of the United States of America to find the name of the map you need. You do not need to know which state contains the feature you are looking for if you use the GNIS online, but you do need this information to use the OMNI Gazetteer. For example: a student needs to find the map which contains the Craters of the Moon National Monument. If using GNIS online, type in the name of the feature in the box for FEATURE NAME, and other information, but the feature name is usually sufficient; if using the OMNI Gazetteer, you must also know the state where the feature is located because you must choose a state volume. If you search GNIS online, using only the feature name Craters of the Moon, you are given four choices, all of which are located in Idaho, and three of which are located on the map with the name INFERNO CONE:

  • Craters of the Moon 372249 Area Blaine ID 432547N 1133153W 5823 Inferno Cone 01-JAN-30 21-JUN-79
    Craters of the Moon National Monument 376055 Park Butte ID 432500N 1133103W 5702 Inferno Cone - 31-DEC-92
    Craters of the Moon National Preserve 1986829 Park Blaine ID 431400N 1132403W 5092 Bear Park West - 11-APR-03
    Craters of the Moon National Wilderness Area 2035098 Reserve Butte ID 432329N 1133108W 5643 Inferno Cone - 20-FEB-04


    To search the map collection, do a Keyword search in the Diamond Catalog using a keyword for the map  you are looking for and the keyword 'map'.   

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