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Philadelphia: Where to turn?: Home

Information on community services in Philadelphia.


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"Philadelphia: Where to turn?" provides access to information on services available to Philadelphia residents who are in need of assistance. You can use this guide to find:

  • Food assistance
  • Shelter/housing
  • Health services
  • Educational opportunities (G.E.D., adult education, etc.)
  • Job training and employment opportunities
  • Legal help
  • Resources for New Americans (E.S.L., citizenship test preparation, etc.)
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Community centers

Child Care Information Services of Philadelphia

Child Care Information Services of Philadelphia (CCIS) is your information source for finding, selecting, and paying for child care. 

There are five offices in Philadelphia, and at least one in every county. These services are provided online through Pennsylvania's COMPASS system.  


Need to use a Philadelphia City service? Want to know what services are available? Call 3-1-1 (215-686-8686) or click on the image below to visit the Philly 311 website.

logo for Philly 311

Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

Want to know what services are offered by the state of Pennsylvania? Visit the Department of Public Welfare's homepage by clicking on the image below.

Logo for Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

COMPASS Pennsylvania

logo for COMPASS Pennsylvania

COMPASS is a Web site that allows individuals and community based organizations access to screen for, apply for and renew a broad range of Pennsylvania’s health and human service programs. 

COMPASS serves as a single access point for application of: Health Care Coverage, Medical Assistance, Medical Assistance for Worker’s with Disabilities, Medical Savings Program for Payment of Medical Premiums, Children’s Health Insurance Program-CHIP, Health Insurance Marketplace, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-SNAP (Food Stamps), Cash Assistance, Long Term Care, Home and Community Based Services for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Consolidated Waiver for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Person/Family-Directed Support Waiver for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities Services (non-MA), Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program-LIHEAP (Seasonal availability), Free or Reduced Price School Meals, SelectPlan for Women (Family Planning Services), and Child Care Works.

Serve Philadelphia

Would you like to volunteer with an organization in Philadelphia? If so, you can learn more about organizations that serve Philadelphians and volunteer opportunities by visiting the Serve Philadelphia website (click on image below)

logo for SERVE Philadelphia

Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian
Ask Here Desk
1st Floor Paley Library
Website / Blog Page

Other Volunteering Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer with any of the organizations listed in this guide, look for volunteering information on an organization's website. If you do not see any volunteering information, look for contact information on an organization's website and send an email explaining that you would like to volunteer.