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Quiet Study Areas in Paley

Quiet Study Areas in Paley

It is our goal to provide a quiet and peaceful environment suitable for study and to encourage library users to refrain from creating excessive noise or other disturbances.

The west side of the second floor and the entire third floor of Paley Library have been designated quiet study areas.  Other official quiet areas in Paley include the east side of the first floor - where the reference books are shelved - as well as the Media Services area on the ground floor.

As you navigate the library, look for "QUIET ZONE" stencils painted on to building pillars. That's a surefire way to know you are in a quiet study area. 

For those who need to work in groups, there are eight study rooms available in Paley: four each on the east sides of the second and third floors. These rooms are for groups of three or more and are available on a first come first serve basis. Also, the second floor east is a good area for group study as it is not a quiet zone.


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