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How to place items on reserve

Guidelines and Limitations:

Instructors can place books, articles, books, and videos on course reserves. 

Instructors may place up to 40 items per course on reserve for each semester. Please contact staff if this presents a problem.

Copies of journal articles and book chapters are placed on e-reserve.

For copyright reasons we cannot place course packs, photocopies of pages from workbooks, compilations of photocopied readings, and textbooks.  Instructors may place compilations of their own lecture notes and examinations on reserve, provided that they are the owners of the copyrights for these materials.

Instructors' personal copies of books may be placed on Reserve. These items will be labeled and barcoded, and will sustain wear and tear.


Please note: instructor requests are processed on a first come first served basis. Instructors need to place their requests as soon as possible .


Placing Items On Reserve

Placing items on Reserve:

Temple University Libraries are switching  to a new course reserves platform beginning in Summer Session I 2013 - it is called Ares and you may access it by logging into your Blackboard account.

Click on the title of the course that you require course reserve material for.  If you don’t see your course you can create one. You will need a course number which you can find by calling the Help Desk at 215 204-8000 or the ISC at 215 204-8529.

In the top left hand part of the screen you will see a red box that contains several options, please click on the link labeled tools

Scroll down until you see a section labeled “Course Reserves” and click that link. You will be asked which semester this class will be taught, so select that.  You will now be routed to our new Ares Course Reserves system and will see a list of options along the left hand side of the page.  One of these options is add reserve items located in the Instructor Course Tools section  which will open to a page that has several icons, each corresponding to a material type.  Click on the icon that corresponds to the type of material you’d like to request to be put on reserve and it will direct you to a form that you will need to populate with needed information.  Once the form is complete, please click submit.  From there, the request will go to the library staff for processing.

Faculty may place up to 40 items per course on reserve for the current semester. It can take up to two weeks to process your reserve request - please submit your reserve requests before the start of the semester.

Instructors' personal copies of books may be placed on reserve, with few exceptions. These items will be labeled and bar-coded, and will probably sustain more than average wear and tear. It should be noted that, while the Libraries make every effort to ensure that instructors' personal books are not stolen or damaged, this does sometimes happen. Temple University Libraries cannot be responsible for the replacement or compensation for the lost or damaged material.

Reserve staff will process requests in the order received and will make every effort to ensure a two week or less turn-around of requests. However, the following potential delays should be considered:

Items not owned by Temple Libraries: Depending on availability, it can take two months or more for a book to be ordered, acquired, cataloged and processed for reserve.

Articles from journals not owned by the Libraries must be acquired through ILLiad.

Removing items from Reserve

A memo is sent to instructors at the end of each semester regarding their reserve items and whether they would like the items to remain on reserve or be removed. Generally, unless the Reserve staff is otherwise notified, all reserve materials are removed from reserve one month after the end of the semester. Personal copies of books will be returned to the instructor's campus address.

Other Options

If you find that these guidelines restrict your ability to make required readings available to your students, please be advised that Temple University Duplicating Services will assist you in compiling copyright permissible course packs for your classes. 

Any questions should be directed to 215 204-0744 or by emailing

Media Services Reserves

Placing Films and Other Media on Reserve

Guidelines and limitations:

Instructors may place films or other non-print materials on reserve at the Paley Library's ground floor Media Services desks. 

Students will be allowed four-hour checkouts of these items for in-house use.  Viewing stations for VHS and DVD (including PAL and international formats) are available in Media Services. 

The library will attempt to acquire copies of required viewings.  It can take several months to order and process new items, so please plan accordingly.  Also, please be aware that films go out-of-print, and rights issues may prevent films from being available.

Instructor's may place personal copies of films on reserve, provided that the copy complies with copyright law.  Personal films are labeled and barcoded, and may sustain wear and tear.  The libraries make every effort to ensure the safety of instructors' personal copies, but is not responsible for replacement or compensation if theft or damage should occur.


Please direct any further questions about media reserves to