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Find Sound Recordings: CDs, Records, Tapes

Covers music and spoken sound recordings in various formats including streaming online, CDs, and records.


NOTE:  Temple Libraries offer a rich and diverse selection of sound recordings online, but do not have a large collection of compact discs, tapes, or vinyl records. Almost all items in these formats are held in the Library Depository or the Presser Listening Library. Recordings in the Presser Listening Library do not circulate, but can be used in the library in Presser Hall.  Items in the Library Depository can be obtained by clicking on the Library Depository link, and it will be delivered to the Library's Circulation Desk in the Tuttleman Building within 24 hours.


To find CDs, tapes or records in the libraries, use the Advanced Keyword search option in Diamond. This search will also lead you to some online streaming audio recordings.

Advanced Search screen


For music recordings:

  • Type in a word from the title, artist, composer, or other keyword
  • From the list of limits under the "Material Type" drop-down box, select "SOUND RECORD"
  • Click the "Submit" button

Advanced Search Screen


To request an item from the library depository:

From the results list, click "Request".

Library Depository Request from results list

OR, from the bibliographic record, click the "Request " button near the top of the screen.

Library Depository Request button from bibliographic record


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