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TESOL: Introduction

Resources for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.


The RED TABS just above this box will take you to pages on the various topics after which they are named: books, journals, databases, children's books, etc.

If you need a brief introduction to a topic, are narrowing some form of research topic, or need a quick bibliography, you may want to consult one of the reference sources mentioned in the box below.

If you have questions or need assistance, my contact information as at the right side of all the pages.

Overviews and Backgrounds

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks provide excellent ways to get backgrounds, introductions, or overviews of topics. This is particularly useful: 1) to learn about a subject that is new to you 2) as a way to come up with a topic for an essay or 3) to come up with search terms when looking for journal articles.

Manage Citations

RefWorks is a web-based personal database for storing, organizing, and formatting you citations (paid for by the Temple Libraries). You can:

  • Create a personal database online - Store an unlimited number of records accessible from any computer connected to the internet. No downloading software or installation required.
  • Import references automatically from most databases - RefWorks can import search results from a wide variety of databases with the click of a button.
  • Organize references - Sort and search your stored references quickly and easily by author, subject, or periodical title.
  • Format bibliographies and manuscripts in seconds - Save hours of typing and decrease the number of errors in creating tedious bibliographies. Easily make changes and reformat your bibliography in seconds.

For other citation management options see our Citation Management guide.

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