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Find Special Interest Groups and Think Tanks: Articles and Quotes

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Most think tanks and special interest groups track where reporters use sources from think tanks and special interest groups for quotes. Almost every one of these keeps track of where their name and members appear in the media. Go to the site for an interest group or think tank and look for pages on the site with a link title like "In the News".

Another way is to look for quotes in full-text sources. LexisNexis Academic is useful for this.

  • In the search form labeled "Search the News", click on the link at the bottom labeled All News
  • Type in the name of the organization in quotation marks after "Search for", for example "Hudson Institute", 
  • Limit the date range with the dropdown box marked "Specify Date:" (If you don't limit the date range, you are likely to bring up thousands of results and LexisNexis will not display any over a certain number.)

Academic Search Premier searches articles from magazines, journals and newspapers.  It can be useful for finding articles from members of policy institute to see what positions they take on an issue and sometimes articles about the think tank. Try searching the name of the think tank in quotation marks.


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