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Youth Cultures: EDUC 817

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Welcome to the research guide for the General Education course Youth Cultures. Use this guide to do research on your chosen youth culture. For help with research, please contact your librarian at or schedule an appointment to the right.

This guide is intended to help you find information and sources for your project proposal / annotate bibliography / context/background section assignments.

Article Databases

Depending on the culture you choose there are many other possible resources you could search. For example: if music is a defining or major aspect of your culture you may want to search in some of our Music databases. 

As you're viewing database results, remember to carefully evaluate whether a source is appropriate and relevant to your topic. A couple of questions you might ask yourself:

  • What is the journal or publication? Is it in one of the academic disciplines related to the course such as psychology, sociology, cultural studies, etc.?
    • Example: If your topic is skateboarding, you will likely fare best with a source like the Journal of Sport & Social Issues rather than a more medically-based journal such as The Physician and sportsmedicine.
  • How does the content of the source relate back to course themes? Is it, for example, related to identity development?
    • Remember to read the abstract, and make sure the entirety of the source is relevant to your topic. 
    • If you're having trouble locating relevant sources, try adding search terms like "identity", "identity developement" or "social" to your search.

Newspaper Sources

You may be allowed to use a few popular sources in addition to your top-tier scholarly sources. These newspaper databases will help you locate newspaper and magazine articles and possibly get access to back issues of publications that you wouldn't be able to get through Google. Keep in mind that you'll need to evaluate these sources for credibility as well.

Research Help

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Find the Full Article

If the article you have found in a database doesn't have the full-text right there, click on the  button available from most databases to locate the entire article online.

If the article is available online, click on the Article or Journal links.

If your article is not available in print or via another research database, request it using interlibrary loan.