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CPH Program Based Themes (nutrition, law, etc.)

Topic specific resources for public health related information

Where to start?

With so many resources available it can be hard to choose. This guide is designed to help you sift through them by highlighting a few that cover specific topic areas. Use the tabs on the left to navigate to pages where you will find resources related to that topic.

Not all available resources may have been captured. Use Database search to discover new ones.

Resource Tips

When looking for information on a topic of your choice, be sure to think about what kind of information you want.

Does your topic include education? If so you may want to use an education database like Education Source or ERIC.

Does it have to do with psychology and/or psychology tests? Use PsycInfo, or Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HAPI).

Does it involve quality of life, or patient care? CINAHL might be a good choice, or PubMed which is the primary source for clinical articles. Proquest Social Sciences is another one to consider.

The point is you want to match your topic with the resource that matches it. With the vast amount of information you have access to as part of a university, explore the many choices by browsing our databases (over 700 of them) or find books or videos on the topic.

Issues and Controversies

These 2 resources contain a wealth of information providing differing points of view. It covers a lot of health and environmental issues as well as many other non-health related topics. 

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