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Faculty Services

Law Library services for Law Faculty


Zotero - citation organizing software. Zotero includes web browser integration, in-text citation generation, footnotes, and bibliographies.


PowerNotes - online organization program that helps you save important text, citations, and links, as you do your research. Learn more about PowerNotes online.

Folders to Organize Your Research

Creating folders in research databases can help you organize your research by searches, documents, topics, clients, cases, statutes, articles, and more.

  • Bloomberg Law - Workspaces and Saved for Later: 
    • Workspaces is the folder feature on Bloomberg Law that helps you organize your research and collaborate with others. Save results from Bloomberg Law and add external documents you upload. Find more information online on Workspaces and how to create, share, manage, upload, and add notes to files.

    • Use Saved for Later to quickly capture documents from multiple searches connected to a common project. You can print, download or email results from Saved for Later. Results can also be added to Workspaces. Find more tips on using Saved for Later online.

  • Google Scholar
    • Google Scholar's library feature allows you to save articles from your Google Scholar search results page, organize them by adding topic labels, and search within your library. Find Google Scholar library help online and learn how to add, remove, and manage articles in your library.