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Sustainable Infrastructures: GUS/ENT 3000-02

The Project

For a final project, you will choose a topic related to urban infrastructure and sustainability and provide an analysis using themes and topics from class and outside readings. You will produce an image-essay that explores an infrastructural topic of your choice. This will consist of 8-12 images that you compile from a range of sources (self-taken, archival, stills from videos, maps, advertisements, artists’ depictions, journalistic etc). You should curate a set of images that tells a story that helps us to see infrastructure in new and surprising ways. Your encouraged to be creative in how you conceptualize the infrastructure at the center of your project, use course readings and class discussion as guiding examples. For each image, write a paragraph (300-500 words) that explains what the image reveals about infrastructure and urban sustainability. To frame your images, write an introductory essay (1,200-1,500 words) that describes the infrastructure you have chosen, situates it historically, and sets out the question that your image set explores. Be sure to draw on key concepts from course readings, lectures, and discussions in your framing essay and in your interpretation paragraphs.


Based on the guidelines for your project, I have listed in this research guide a number of resources for locating different types of formats. Without knowing what topics you will be dealing with, it is somewhat difficult to know what resources to recommend. 

If you are having difficulties finding what you want, you are welcome to contact me. Send your questions to, or if you would like to have an online consultation, schedule an appointment and I will set up a ZOOM meeting for the date and time you request.

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