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Sustainable Infrastructures: GUS/ENT 3000-02


Due to the closure of Charles Library you will not be able to use print books, but the library collection includes a large number of online books many of which contain illustrations.

How to find an online book with illustrations.

Let's say you want to find an online book about railroads with illustrations:

1. Go to the Charles Library website

2. Ignore the search box at the top of the page . Instead, click the red tab for BOOKS & MEDIA lower down the page on the left side.

3. On the BOOKS & MEDIA page, click the link to ADVANCED SEARCH located to the right of the search box,

4. On the ADVANCED SEARCH page, type Railroads into the empty box on the first line; then type Illustrated Works OR Pictorial Works into the empty box on the second line. Then scroll down to AVAILABILITY and select ONLINE from the drop menu. Now click the red search button lower down. This is how your results screen should look after you click SEARCH: Click HereNotice the blue area on the left side of the page: this is where you can find the details of how you did your search.

If you would like to know more about using the Ebooks, take a look at the research guide Ebooks - Finding and Using