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Highlighted Topics-Public Health

common topics studied by CPH students, based on Twenty Minute Topic session held in October 2020 with added topics


This page contains links to sites and webpages that have made information on COVID-19 freely available starting during the year 2020.

You will find maps/gis, policies, clinical trials, articles, search strategies, including sites with pre-formatted strategies with results to aid in getting to the literature quickly. Some are news items, others are articles in reputable journals.

Several vendors such as Elsevier and EBSCO have created specific web pages to get you to recent articles quickly. These sites will contain current articles. Although I was originally posting new articles I have decided to rely more on the vendor sites and search strategies as posting new individual articles here will be difficult to keep up with.

Retraction Watch has been added as a source to help identify poor research and predatory publications.

Suggestions are welcome.


This section includes some resources collecting data and some articles. Please be aware that there will be more published as reporting on all covid-19 topics is ongoing and quickly released.


Articles and Reports

Contact Tracing


There are a variety of maps and trackers, each providing something slightly different than another. Some are also more current than others.

For tools to create specific maps, go to the Library Resources tab. Simply Analytics and Policy Map are 2 of the tools the library subscribes to.


  • COVID-19 Data Hub Stay up to date with the most impactful Coronavirus visualizations from the Tableau Community.


Policy and Legal

Preserving record of historical events